REVIEWS from Snakepit #8 (2000)

Heart Of Darkness

I.O.A. Records

This is the second release of this guitarplayer from PSYCHOTIK WALTZ. The man behind this project is Dan Rock, who takes care of the guitars, sampling and lyrics. Maybe we cannot categorise this music as metal or hard rock. But for open minded metal freaks there is a lot to enjoy on this eleven track counting silver disc. DARK STAR2 comes with a mix of progressive and psychedelic rock with references to the mighty PINK FLOYD here and there. If you liked the first CD already, I know for sure you will like this one as well. The songs can be seen as a roundabout of emotions. Dark thoughts on music with here and there a touch of hope. I think it’s beautiful and very well done, but I can imagine that a lot of people will see this as soft bullshit. You can’t deny though that songs like “The Sound Of Nothing” (great title by the way) and “Look To The Sky” have a great groove.Dan was surrounded by a lot of musicians for this release.On “Heart Of Darkness” you can hear Siggi Blasey on keyboards, Danik Thomas on bass, John McKenzie on drums, Sunny Hollis (vocals on “Transitory Angel”), Detlef Kloss (vocals on “Not Today”) and a guest appearance of ex PSYCHOTIK WALTZ guitarplayer Brian McAlpin. In CD closer “The Last Drop Of Light” it all gets very experimental and computerised, metal heads better skip this song. The CD sleeve is very colorful with drawings from Travis Smith and H.R. Giger. Let the music of DARK STAR2 elivate your mind, cause for that it’s the perfect ‘soundtrack’. Don’t forget to listen to the long extra track that is not mentioned on the CD cover! (That is if you like to listen to the sound of rain and a rolling thunder for about ten minutes.)(Toine van Poorten)

Days May Come And Days May Go/The California Rehearsals June 1975

Purple Records

I really like these kinds of releases . These are nine studio outtakes from one of the most important hard rock bands ever DEEP PURPLE. It’s from the least famous line up, the so called Mark IV featuring Tommy Bolin on lead guitar. What we get to hear are unreleased studio outtakes complete with mistakes and talking inbetween. It’s great to hear that even professionals make mistakes and have to start all over again several times to get things right. Other bands throw these recordings in the bin, DEEP PURPLE puts them out on CD for their fans. It’s a must have for every PURPLE addict. Hear how they made the songs that came on “Come Taste The Band”, hear the leftovers and the long jams. Hear DEEP PURPLES version of “Statesboro Blues” (PAT TRAVERS/BLIND WILLIE McTELL) or listen to a complete false version of SONNY & CHER’s “I Got You Babe” at the end of “The Last Of The Long Jams”. I’m sure you you will enjoy all these masterpieces in their purest form. Written twenty-five years ago, but to me they sound timeless. (Toine van Poorten)

Live- In The Heat Of The Night

Zoom Club Records

Zoom Club already came up with a few very interesting releases from U.F.O., ANGELWITCH and MAGNUM. Now they surprise us with a fourteen track live CD which is a sort of ‘best of ‘ live release. It’s recorded during the bands comeback tour on November 21st 1991 at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall. The band consisted of Sean Harris on vocals, Brian Tatler on guitar, Karl Wilcox on drums and Eddie Chaos on bass back then. The band played a very tight, dynamic performance and came up with all the classics like “Lightning To The Nations”, “Sucking My Love”, “In The Heat Of The Night”and “Borrowed Time”. They only left out their biggest success “Am I Evil”. But in return for that they came up with a few new tracks, that sound as powerful and energetic as the oldies. In the last song they connect “Helpless” with a medley of old rock classics like “My Genereation” from THE WHO, “Oh Well” by PETER GREEN , “Hocus Pocus” by FOCUS, and “Riff Raff” by AC/DC, to finally burst out into “It’s Electric”. A great ending of an impressive come back gig. Harris still has this Robert Plant like style of singing. And the rest of the band sounds as solid as ever, with the guitarwork of Tatler as highlight of course. The second CD of this double CD release is a forty minute video of this concert. What a great idea. And so this release also becomes a not to be missed document for all the NWOBHM/metal fans. (Toine van Poorten)



If you know a little about Dutch heavy metal, you’ll be familiar with drummer Ernst van Ee. He played with good old HIGHWAY CHILE and he now works with THRENODY and HELLOÏSE. But you can also find his names on CD’s by people like IAN PARRY, AYREON, MISHA CALVIN, PETER MAGNEE and TAMAS. And finally this musical centipede. The word that comes in mind when you listen to this first solo CD is variation. Here and there I hear some PANTERA riffs and of course there is a lot of room for the drums. Older metal fans will certainly recognise the two covers on this CD. First we get a raunchy version of the old SWEET classic “The Sixteens”. And of course we can hear a tribute to Ernst biggest musical influence COZY POWEL. Cozy’s “Dance With The Devil” is now renamed to “Dance With An Angel”. “Powerplay” contains twelve tracks and runs for about an hour. Besides Ernst you can also hear Peter Magnee (MAGNEE/IMPACT) on guitar and keyboards, Robert Soeterbroek (AYREON) on vocals and Stan Verbraak (HELLOÏSE) on vocals. Sometimes Ernst reduces the speed a bit to throw in a ballad (or two), but most of the time the listener is treated on some great hard rock with the drums as a solid centre of it all. Highlight for me was a song called “St Helens”, which is an heavy instrumental track that could easily fit on one of the many instrumental releases from the late eighties. “Powerplay” is a fabulous release by a great drummer, that can easily title himself as “The Dutch Cozy Powell”. At this moment Ernst is doing drum clinics in Holland and he’s working on new CD’s with THRENODY and HELLOÏSE. And I’m sure that many more releases will follow in the future. Let there be drums, and there was....Ernst van Ee! (Toine van Poorten)



This is a twelve song indie release from EIDYLLION from Argentina. The band exists for five years now and this is their first full length release. Seventy minutes of decent power metal show us that metal doesn’t have any borders. The music can be compared to some of the famous metal bands of today with a bit melodic touch. But here and there the speed goes up and the guitarsolo’s are really great. The line up of the band consists of Fernando Salvatori on keyboards, Fernando Ferrari on bass, Cristian Spigardi on vocals, Guillermo Bertinat on drums and Federico Fenizi on guitar. And for the fact that the band has only got one guitar player it all sounds remarkably well. In the meantime the band changed bass players, their new bass player is called Fabricio Quiyotay. For the sound of this band you must think about HAMMERFALL, MALMSTEEN and STRATOVARIUS and you’ll get the point. But it’s too easy to say that they are a rip off of these bands cause the music of EIDYLLION is much more structurised and shows a lot more variation. Maybe the production sounds a little less than the one of the major names but for a debut this sounds really well indeed. You can contact the band by writing to EIDYLLION, Darregueira 1660 C.P. 8000, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Toine van Poorten)

Blood Of Tyrants

Osmose Productions

Do I hear Rob Halford here? No it’s the newest release of EXCITER and it’s a killer! After a short break, Jacques Belanger returned to EXCITER and I can only be happy with this. Who else should handle the vocals on this great new CD? “Blood Of Tyrants” contains ten fast songs in the best EXCITER tradition. “War Cry” is an instrumental track. The vocals overdub in some of the songs makes it all sound even more powerful than it is original. But in my opinion EXCITER doesn’t need these kind of tricks. Their iron metal music is powerful enough to make your neighbours move to another planet in no time. And hey, is this Jacques Belanger being executed on the electric chair on the cover of the CD? I hope not, cause his vocals are again one of the highlights on the CD. They are a cross between Halford and King Diamond with icy high screams. EXCITER’s mission is to recruit legions of ‘metal crusaders’. And I think they will with this album. An European tour is scheduled for October/November, be sure you don’t miss it. (Toine van Poorten)

Greatest Hits Live!

Dead Line Music/Cleopatra

Finally, she’s back with a ‘best of live’ CD release! LITA FORD has been away from the scene for a few years. This CD contains fourteen songs, worthy of over an hour of live music. The fans of LITA will be highly interested in the exclusive studio track, that opens this CD “Greatest Hits Live!”. It’s called “Nobody’s Child” and can be seen as one of her best songs. It has a great guitar solo and simply shows that LITA is still hot and heavy. The live section starts with “Larger Than Life”. The sound quality of the live part is perfect, but I must admit that the CD inlay is very poor. You might at least expect a lot of pictures here of one of the leading ladies in the Heavy Metal music scene. But it doesn’t contain any pics at all. Where are the times of the gatefold sleeve double LPs??? Anyway, the songs on this CD are a good overview of all of LITA’s hits and …a few surprises. Songs like “Black Widow”, “Can’t Catch Me”, “Shot Of Poison”, “Close My Eyes Forever” (which is introduced by LITA as “If I Close My Thighs Forever”) and “Kiss Me Deadly” just can’t go wrong. I was pretty surprised though to hear LITA do her version of the MONTROSE classic “Rock Candy”. It’s not really clear where and when these songs were recorded, but it has to be in a joint somewhere in Southern California. LITA’s guitar playing is like a waterfall of notes. She’s definately still one of the best female guitarplayers around. Besides LITA, we also need to mention the other bandmembers. First the studio band, which consists of Phil Chen on bass, Rodger Carter on drums and Glenn Burtnick (ex STYX) on acoustic guitars. But the lion’s share on the CD is for the live band consisting of David Ezrin on keyboards, Joe Taylor on guitars, Tommy Caradona on bass and Jimmy Degrasso on drums, who a few of you readers will still remember for his work with Y&T, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, ALICE COOPER, MAMMA’S BOYS and WHITE LION. An allround drummer, so to speak. The new studio track asks for much more, which will hopefully follow very very soon. The live songs however, finally give the fans the chance to hear a live show that doesn’t come from a dusty bootleg recording. Welcome back LITA! (Toine van Poorten)

State Of The Artist

Monster Records

What we have here is a good compilation of a band called FULL MOON from Pensylvania. The band existed from 1974 to 1984 and played some ballsy Hard Rock full of crying guitarwork from the two guitarplayers in the band John Fischer and Joseph Paul Fischer. Don’t expect any real Heavy Metal, but I think that a lot of Hard Rock fans can enjoy this CD very easily. There are some melodic touches on this CD and maybe even a few songs that are a bit commercial. But the overal sound is okay. The Fischer brothers are honoured here with the re release of their only album “Full Moon”, which is completed with their single “Cross Country Man”/”State Of The Artist”. Also there’s an extra addition of three never before released tracks from the same session as the single namely “Are You Free”, “No Chance I’ll Change” and “Were Almost There”. It’s a nice compilation of a band that deserves a bit more attention. For their sound you must think about bands like APRIL WINE or BLUE OYSTER CULT. For more information you can drop a line to Monster Records, P.O. Box 460173, San Antonio TX 78246-0173, USA. (Toine van Poorten)

Iron Cross

O.P.M. Records

What a great initiation of O.P. M. records to release this double LP, complete with lots of goodies of IRON CROSS from Florida, U.S.A. Twenty songs fill this double album that has been very well taken care of. It’s completed with stickers, a flyer and a drawing and comes in a beautiful, hand numbered, gatefold sleeve with lots of pics, which is limited to 666 copies only. IRON CROSS consists of Mike Skelton-guitar/vocals, Rex Alan, guitar/vocals, Tony Blair-drums/vocals and Dan Bipper-bass/vocals. The twenty songs are full of great riffs, high vocal screams and every song is full of metal power. It’s a crying shame that thise kind of bands only get the recognition far too late. Here and there the sound quality may sound a bit dusty, but it’s the exclusivity that counts here. And if you listen to the great songs on this release you’ll easily forget about the sound quality. And hey, it’s not that bad. A must have for all the US metal freaks among us, although I must say that their sound also reminded me of the old TYGERS OF PAN TANG here and there. They also play a good version of the ANGELWITCH classic “Angel Of Death”, another reason to buy this great double album. For more information about this essential release you can drop a line to O.P.M. Records, c/o John Haupt, P.O. Box 956845, Duluth, GA 30095, USA. Buy or die! (Toine van Poorten)

Brave New World


What do I need to say about the new IRON MAIDEN CD that isn’t said already? The comeback of Bruce Dickinson isn’t as spectacular as I think it would have been. And for a band with three guitar players the old iron lady sounds a bit tame. Not that this is a bad CD but I just expected much more of it. Listen to the new CD’s by MOTORHEAD or HALFORD, they haven’t lost power through the years. The new CD sounds catchy and after one intensive listen you can sing along to most of the songs real easily. It also shows a lot of resemblance witht the sound of good old JETHRO TULL, especially when they perform them live on stage. The hitsingles “The Wicker Man” and “title track “Brave New World” have got this very catchy feel. I have some difficulties with the slower parts in songs like “Blood Brothers Of The Mercenary” and “The Nomad”, and with the fact that the guitarsolo’s don’t cry anymore like they did on the first four albums. Nonetheless “Brave New World” has become a ‘come back album’ where they can be proud of. Realising the fact that they will never make a second LP/CD like “Iron Maiden” or “Killers” anymore. Plus the fact that times have changed (believe it or not), I’m very satisfied with this new album. Great CD cover by the way! (Toine van Poorten)



This new German band consists of French singer Lisa D. Robin, Totto on guitars, Stefan on guitars, Björn on bass and Wim on drums. The band exists since 1997 and present us a CD full of thrashy metal tracks with nice eye-catching guitar work. Funny thing here is that the lyrics are both in English and French, and that for a German band! Their music sounds fresh and especially Totto explodes several times on this forty-five minutes self titled debut CD. “Le Sang Du Christ” is the ballad here and it cuts down the speed a bit, but with “Holy Demon” they’re going full speed ahead again. The sound of KALI simply takes you back to the middle eighties when the Bay Area bands ruled the scene. And if people think that a woman shouldn’t sing in a thrash metal band, they’ve never heard Lisa’s voice. She screams like she’s slaughtered to death. I wonder if they can produce this great brutal sound on stage as well. If they do, they can cause a true riot and they will leave the crowd astonished. KALI is surely a name to remember. Best track for me is the CD closer “Doctrine S.M.” which opens slowly and explodes during Totto’s guitar solo. What an eruption! The song returns to a soft accoustic ending after that. Marvellous!! To order your copy of this brilliant CD, you can send DM20,- or $15,- to: KALI, Dörnbergstrasse 3 (Hinterhaus), 34119 Kassel, Germany. For more info about this very promising band, visit their webpage at or Email them at: kali@ Note: Don’t confuse this band with another band called KHALI, featuring ex members of TIME MACHINE. (Toine van Poorten)

House Of God

Massacre Records

What a great new CD of the King of sick metal. This corpse painted master of evil comes with a new concept album that was made to feed his hungry fans. From the intro on we can hear that this is a very strong album again. King’s voice tells you the story in a way that he can only do it. He impersonates every soul in the story himself. Close your eyes and listen very carefully and you can almost see the movie of the story pass through your mind. The band of KING DIAMOND has changed a bit since the latest release. We now find back the old rhythm section of CHASTAIN namely John Luke Herbert on drums and David Harbour on bass. On guitar we have long time partner in crime Andy La Rocque and EIDOLON guitar player Glen Drover. You may wonder what The King is doing in the house of GOD, but you’ll soon find out after reading the lyrics of this album. I can already tell you that he’s not coming to pray, but you won’t be surprised with that I guess. “House Of God” has become a return to the years of “Conspirancy”, which is good . I’ve heard already that his new show will be very spectacular again so don’t miss him when he plays in a hall nearby you. (Toine van Poorten)

Fucked Up!

Zain records

A few of you will remember Kuni from his previous releases “Masque” and “Looking For Action”. I was kinda surprised to see that he has released a third CD after an absence of about twelve long years. The eleven songs on this CD sound a lot like the ones on “Looking For Action”. Great melodic hard rock with the splashing guitar work of Kuni as flashing highlight. This new release is full of guest musicians, simply because Kuni doesn’t have a tight back up band. It consists more as a project. This time we run into names like Dan Spitz (ANTHRAX), Eric Singer (KISS/ALICE COOPER), Billy Sheehan (MR.BIG/DAVID LEE ROTH/TALAS), Kal Swan (QUIET RIOT/LION/BAD MOON RISING/TYTAN), Tak Matsumoto who’s a quite famous guitarplayer in his home country and we even find back Paul Stanley (KISS) playing bass on “Brite Lites”. The sound of the band varies quite a bit sometimes. Next to a short acoustic piece we hear an instrumental jam which covers a part that sounds like JOE SATRIANI’s “Ice Nine”. “I’m No Fool” could well be on any WASP record and “Brother To Brother” starts out as a ballad and slowly changes to a more uptempo track. If you like some good melodic hard rock with great axework you definately need to check out this new CD by Japanese guitar hero Kuni Takeuchi, but be prepared to pay about $40,- for this forty five minutes piece of art. (Toine van Poorten)

Crystal Logic

Iron Glory records

This is the re release of MAILLA ROAD’s third album “Crystal Logic”. It is completed with the track they composed for the US Metal III compilation of Mark Varney “Flaming Metal System”. And I must admit that this is a killer album, with the already mentioned bonus track as flashing highlight. MANILLA ROAD consists from Mark Shelton on vocals and guitars, Scott Park on bass and Rick Fisher on drums and backing vocals. If you realise yourself that the original recordings for thisalbum were completed in 1983 than we can say that MANILLA ROAD is a band that makes timeless music. Cause even today this CD sounds like solid gold. It won’t be easy to find their original album so this CD release can be seen as essential for all the people who like to get familiar with the true metal sound of MANILLA ROAD, cause even today they still exist and play live. Like a few months ago when they played at the Bang Your Head festival. “Mystification” will be their second re-release on CD. (Toine van Poorten)


Sentinel Steel

MANILLA ROAD is back again and everybody needs to know it. That seems to be the strategy from different small record companies who collectively came up with the plan to re-release the MANILLA ROAD albums on CD. That’s okay with me cause I really like this band from Kansas. Sentinel Steel Records came up with the re-release of “Mystification”. The music is lots more powerful and faster than the music you can hear on their earlier albums like “Crystal Logic”. In contrary to “Crystal Logic” we now hear Randy Foxe on drums instead of Rick Fisher. The ten songs have been remastered and they really blast of your CD player now. Some of the lyrics are based upon stories, written by Edgar Allen Poe. In the booklet you can read under which unbearable circumstances they had to record this album. CD closer “The Asylum” (instrumental) is a bonus track that was never released before, wow again the bonus track will really blow you out of your chair!!! The original album was released in 1987 and it really is a surprise that the songs doesn’t sound dated for a moment. They sound like they were written last week. MANILLA ROAD were way ahead of their time for many years. And they can see this as a big compliment. Hopefully they’ll return to Europe in 2001 to play at The Wacken Open Air festival. (Toine van Poorten)



MOTÖRHEAD has become an instute on which you can build night and day.Their records are constantly from a very high quality and they will never let their fans down. This story also goes for their new album “We Are MOTÖRHEAD”. Ten strong songs make us clear that this band can go on forever without losing their strength and power. “One More Fucking Time” is the odd one out on this album. Again Lemmy tries to surprise the listeners by throwing in a ballad. And if there’s something that they don’t need to do is throwing in ballads. That’s not what this band is all about. But of course there are nine other speed killers which you can enjoy on this CD. They also choose to cover “God Save The Queen” which is originally done by THE SEX PISTOLS. The CD is released in a limited version that comes in a cardboard box with a photo, a poster and a sticker. What else do you want to know? Nothing I guess, so better hurry up and get this essential silver disc! (Toine van Poorten)

Dangerous Kiss

Iron Pages

Metal magazine IRON PAGES from Germany came with the idea to release this CD by N.W.O.B.H. M. band SEVENTH SON. And although I’m a big fan of all the bands that play this style of music, I must admit that I’d never heard a lot of them before. Well this CD is a good chance to get to know this band a bit better. The N.W.O.B.H.M. that they play is real good and it’s a shame that they never had an official breakthrough. They had the potential to become big but instead of SEVENTH SON, people saw more in bands like SAXON, IRON MAIDEN and DEF LEPPARD. SEVENTH SON sounds a bit like the old SAXON (especially in the first two songs), but with a bit more melody added to it. The fourteen tracks on this one hour metal attack show us a band that never got out of the underground scene for whatever reason that may be. But listening to opener “Early Warning” with its fantastic guitar solo I must say that they could have been big in my opinion. The line up of this recording consists of Brian Shaugnessy on vocals, Kevin Shaugnessy on guitar, Andy Frost on guitars, Rick Gregory on bass and John Talbot on drums. I don’t think that they will stand a chance right now with their old fashioned sound. The youth of today needs groovy, filthy tracks. This band id more for the old fashioned, die hard, metal heads who have a finer taste. SEVENTH SON still exists nowadays, with Brian as only remaining band member. The band is now completed with Dave Fox on guitar, Richard Gregory on bass and Dave Burge on drums. On this CD the band also covers the old NANCY SINATRA song “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. It’s great to see people cleaning up their attics and releasing stuff like this. Otherwise we would possibly have never witnessed these nice releases of more obscure bands like BUFFALO, DRAGSTER, MYTHRA(!!!!!!!!) and SEVENTH SON. You can contact Iron Pages by writing to Iron Pages Verlag Jeske/Mader GbR, DGZ Ring 7, D-13086 Berlin, Germany or go to Great release by a very underrated band. (Toine van Poorten)

A Sceptic’s Universe


You can make your music as complex as possible. A lot can be still enjoyable for the average rock fan. Some things might get too complex for some of us. I’m thinking about bands like PSYCHOTIK WALTZ,FATES WARNING, ancient RUSH stuff or CYNIC. Now you can add SPIRAL ARCHITECT from Norway to this list. There are so many speed changes in their songs that you can hardly immagine that the band knows what they’re doing at some point. It all sounds very well done, no complaint about that, but does the average rock fan still get the message? SPIRAL ARCHITECT consists of Oyvind Haegeland-vocals/keyboards, Steinar Gundersen-guitars, Kaj Gornitzka-rhythm guitar, Lars K. Norberg-bass and Asgeir Mickelson-drums. The songs go fluidly over into each other and so it sounds as if you’re listening to one long, forty-five minute track. But in fact there are nine different segments in them. So I can recommend this CD to the people who can have an open ear to bands like I mentioned above. If you like your rock hard, or have weak nerves or you only like to bang your head, than I give you the advise to buy the new EXCITER or HALFORD. (Toine van Poorten)

Metal Crusade ‘99, 20th Anniversary Festival

Pony Canyon International

This is a double live CD recorded in Tokyo, at the Hibiya Open Theatre on August 1st, 1999. It contains twenty-eight tracks by four different bands, with a total running time of about two hour and fifteen minutes. I can’t recall that they organised something in England to honour these bands, that are in the scene for twenty years already. The four bands that may present themselves here are TRESPASS, SAMSON, TANK and PRAYING MANTIS. A good selection of the very rich scene of those days. The songs that were played also give a good overview of what these bands sounded like. TRESPASS presents us classics like “Jealousy”, “One Of These Days” and “Bright Lights”, from their 7” releases. Where SAMSON, here as a three man army with Paul Samson himself on vocals, generally grabs back to their “Head On” and “Shock Tactics” albums. TANK only plays five songs here, but they didn’t forget highlights such as “This Means War” and “Shellshock”. PRAYING MANTIS is big in Japan for years already. They couldn’t escape playing classics like “Panic In The Streets”, “Beads Of Ebony”, “Flirting With Suicide” and “Children Of The Earth”. A great initiation, which had a great follow up in Germany this year at the Wacken Open Air festival where bands like PRAYING MANTIS, SAMSON, ANGELWITCH, GRIM REAPER, SAVAGE, DEMON, GASKIN and VENOM celebrated their 20th anniversary again. N.W.O.B.H.M. will never die.......although in it’s home country it’s dead already. What a great shame!!!! (Toine van Poorten)

Wings Of An Arrow

Pseudonym Records

VENGEANCE always gave a hundred percent or more. They did this in the past during their live gigs. And now they still do it when they bring out a compilation CD. This is not a cheap ‘best of’ release, which you see so many of nowadays. Those CD’s that add nothing to your collection but that are only meant to raise some money for the record company. This one is different. It contains flipsides of singles, rare material, demo recordings and unreleased material. Together with the booklet, which is full of good stories, lyrics and some nice pictures, it has become a nice document for every VENGEANCE fan. And even the real VENGEANCE devotees may find some interesting stuff on here. The material here is from the line up with Ian Parry. The line up that made ittill the last teardrops began to fall. And although VENGEANCE is back alive again, it’s still nice to hear all these old songs again. Songs like “One ‘O’ Nine” and “Football Crazy” were previously unreleased and “As The Last Teardrops Fall” appears in a previously unreleased demo version here. The line up in most of the tracks consists of Ian Parry on vocals, Arjen Lucassen on guitar, John Snels on drums and Jan Bijlsma on bass. This is definately one of the better hard rock bands from The Netherlands, honoured with a great fourteen song compilation, which is good for fifty-five minutes of VENGEANCE mayhem. And I can tell you that this band has ways to make you rock!!!!!! Better find out for yourself before it’s too late, cause this is a limited edition release.(Toine van Poorten)

Better Late Than Never

Old Metal Records

WILD DOGS is back!!! And you could read this already in our previous issue. Matt McCourt is the big man behind this band. He kept the fire burning even after the band dumped him to record “Reign Of Terror”, with Michael Furlong on vocals. Matt’s WILD DOGS of today is consisting of the master himself on bass and vocals, Michael Brown on guitars and Peter Laufman on drums. The band already toured with DOKKEN and GREAT WHITE, and even with DIO very recently. Matt’s love for heavy metal is captured on this “Better Late Than Never” CD. Matt’s voice shows some similarity to Gene Simmons’ (KISS) voice. It’s dark and raw, and made to sing heavy metal. The sound of WILD DOGS is fast and agressive as a wild dog should sound. The band spends a lot of time promoting their new material on their website ( and they’re constantly working on the release of new material like interesting video stuff and live recordings. As I mentioned before, WILD DOGS is back and this CD proves it very well. The first nine tracks are newer recordings. I liked “Fight”, a fast headbanger, and “The Vulture” the most. The last seven tracks are unreleased outtakes from their “Man’s Best Friend” album. Here we hear the original recordings which were mentioned in the interview that we did with the band for SNAKEPIT #7. The line up may be well known for everyone. It contained Matt on vocals, Deen Castronovo on drums, Dan Kurth on bass and Jeff Mark on guitar. And this really sounds much different than the weak release we got from Shrapnel. Watch out for more to come ‘cause WILD DOGS hits back harder than they ever did before. I want to thank Matt McCourt for making this review possible. You can order the CD by writing to Old Metal Records, 5953 N 10th Street, Arlington VA 22205, USA or get in contact with the ‘evil genius’ himself by writing to MCCOMA ENTERTAINMENT, 4950 SW 31st dr, Portland OR 97201, USA. (Toine van Poorten)

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