Itís October right now and I feel like I have to add something new to my website. After Headache suspended in July 2005, I had no tools anymore to review the new releases in the NWOBHM and US Metal scene and all the other important (to me) music styles. And this happened at a time, where almost no other magazine is still willing to spend some words to these styles of Ďold fashioned musicí. To hell with them, and may they burn at the stake. On these pages there is and there always will be space for this type of music. Thatís why I decided to start to review new releases on my own website. Not only to keep you informed about the new releases, but also because I canít stop writing about my favorite music. Donít start searching for reviews about HYPOCRISY, SLIPKNOT or MESHUGGAH, or whatever these bands may be called, because you wonít find them here. This is the home of the eighties, and of new real metal talents like IGNITOR, SCARLET ANGEL and TWILIGHT ODYSSEY. These bands will carry the torch that was given to them by ANGELWITCH, JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN. From now on I will regularly review CDs here, that are essential for every die-hard metalhead or old school hard rock fan. Oh, and if you want to have an honest review about your CD on this page, just send your promo a promo kit to: Toine van Poorten, Sperwerlaan 121, 4143 AR Leerdam, The Netherlands. I'd like to start this page with the first review I wanted to do for Headache, that wasnít released in print form anymore. Hypes may come and go, but the passion for good old heavy metal will go on at these pages for ever and everÖ..


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