Metal With A Bite!

Obviously, ‘Metal With A Bite’ is the most suitable description to give these metal heads from Amstelveen, who have the support of many people for a long time. After attending several shows and enjoying their album “Cry Of The Jackal” countless times, we had the pleasure of doing this interview about their past, present and future of one of the most vicious bands of the Dutch heavy metal scene, JACKAL. We just fire the questions at them and the blood thirsty jackals howl the answers right back at us. It’s as simple as that. The story, the whole story and nothing but the whole story of JACKAL starts here. Read on what John, Erwin, Rick and Vladik had to say to us....

First of all, we’d like to thank you guys for taking the time to complete these questions for us. Please introduce the band members of JACKAL 2015 to us?
John Bouman: “The band members in our 2015 line-up are John Bouman on guitar, Erwin Siereveld on vocals, Rick Waalewijn on drums and Vladik Budnyy on bass.”

I’d like to start off in the past, if that’s fine with you, so let’s go back to the beginning of the career of JACKAL. Your bass player and guitar player Stephan Pechler and Terry Paul came from a band called STRUCK. Why did this band break up and did they release anything?
John: “Because their guitarist had left, he wanted to play more blues. They didn`t release any material.”

Can some of you recall, who was in STRUCK besides Stephan and Terry?
John: “Yes, the drummer was called John Vandewalle and the guitarist Peter van de Meer. Peter named the band STRUCK.”

John Bouman and Rick Waalewijn played in STAINLESS, why did that band fall apart and did they release anything?
John: “The reason STAINLESS broke up was because at that time our guitarist and bassplayer left. Rick and myself had the idea to join Terry and Stephan to form the new JACKAL. We (STAINLESS) did a few gigs and released a live demo. Other than that, STAINLESS didn`t release anything."

Who else played in STAINLESS in those days?
John: “Peter de Jong on guitar and Willem Ros on bass (SPEEDCHASER, QUEST, etc.).”

Did Edwin Siereveld sing in other bands before you formed JACKAL and how did you actually meet up with each other?
John: “Erwin was a schoolmate of Peter de Jong and used to attend at rehearsals of STAINLESS. He played bass in another band (nameless) and sang in TRACER. JACKAL was his first real band. He actually helped us out on vocals during a gig in Den Bosch, because we didn`t have a singer at the time. After that show, he joined JACKAL.”

Who came up with the name of JACKAL and why did you choose JACKAL as your band name?
John: “The name was chosen by Terry and Stephan. I don`t really know why they choose JACKAL, but I think because it is a catchy name and people know with a name like that, we play metal.”
Who designed the jackal head, that is to be seen on your demo “Cry Of The Jackal” from 1987?
John: “That design was made by Rick.”

Did he also do the artwork for your live DVD, that we will discuss a bit later on?
John: “Yes, he did.”

Can you recall how many copies were made and sold of this “Cry Of The Jackal” demo?
John: ‘There were 500 copies pressed and most of them were sold or given away for promotional reasons.”

Which bands can we see as the biggest influence for JACKAL in the early days of your career?
John: “The main influence at that time was PANTERA (“Projects In The Jungle” era), IRON MAIDEN, QUEENSRYCHE, CRIMSON GLORY, HEIR APPARENT, FATES WARNING, RUSH, KISS, LED ZEPPELIN, QUEEN, SAVATAGE, RAVEN, DIO and many other great bands.”

Where did you have your rehearsal room at the time?
John: “We rehearsed at Schildt Studios in Alsmeer, as we do right now.”

Two years later, you released the demo “Into The Night”. How many copies were sold of it?
John: “More or less one hundred copies."

With which bands did you share the stage in these early days, and did you also play outside of Holland occasionally? (And if yes where?)
John: “We played a lot with ANGUS, BABY’S BREATH and CHALICE, etc.etc. Unfortunately, we didn`t play outside Holland at the time.”

Did you also play any covers during your live shows back in those days and if yes, which ones did you crank out?
John: “Yes, we sure did have some cover songs, like “Phantom Of The Opera”, “Children Of The Damned” and “Wrathchild” by IRON MAIDEN. “Swords And Tequilla” and “Loanshark” by RIOT. “Going Blind” by HIGHWAY CHILE. “Breaking The Law” by JUDAS PRIEST. “What Your Doing” by RUSH. “Come On Eyes” and “Killers” by PANTERA. “Heartbreaker” by LED ZEPPELIN. “Dallas 1pm” and “Strong Arm Of The Law” by SAXON and many many more.......”

Then in 1989 you released your full-length CD “Cry Of The Jackal”. How did the press react on this six tracker?
John: “The response was really well and we had a very good review in de Dutch Aardschok and several good reviews abroad. Especially from Germany, we got very good reviews.”

How would you describe the music of JACKAL yourself?
John: “Very powerful, technical up tempo metal with some symphonic parts. Overall, very tight and powerful played. That`s why we’d like call it ‘Metal With A Bite’.“

Can you please explain how a new JACKAL song is being created? Do you just start jamming or do you start writing lyrics for a new song first or what? How does that writing process go?
John: “Sometimes it`s being created by just jamming during rehearsals or at home. Nowadays we practice with click track a lot and any ideas we have will be recorded, so we can add inspiration to mold it to a new song.”

Who writes the lyrics for JACKAL and what are they about?
John: “Most of the time Erwin does, but Rick has also written a few.”

On the CD, you mention that the keyboards have been played by Abby Lumsden. Who is she and how did you get in touch with her?
John: “Abby was a friend of our producer and he recommended her to do some keyboard and effects more in the background.”

Did Abby also join you on stage during your live shows back then?
John: “No, it was just meant to create a fuller and wider sound for the CD.”

On the demo you released in 1991, Erwin had already left, why?
John: “Erwin left the band, because there where some musical differences.”

Your new singer became Arnold Kloek. How did you get in touch with Arnold and did his voice have any effect towards the sound of JACKAL? I think, that Arnold’s voice added more QUEENSRYCHE, CRIMSON GLORY or FATES WARNING influences to JACKAL, rather than JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN.
John: “I think, we placed an ad somewhere. It`s a long time ago, you know (lol). You’re right about the change of sound. We were shifting more to that kind of style back then.”

The band pulled the plug about a year after the release of the demo “The Secret Inside”. Why did you make that hard decision?
John: “We were rehearsing a lot and having less gigs. I started working in shifts and found it harder to give it the full determination like I used to.”

Did any of the band members continue their career in another band or did you quit the music scene completely for a couple of years? I know for example, that Erwin, Terry and Stephan teamed up in JANE DOE and later on in TERRAN. Arnold soon found a new job in CIRRHA NIVA, where we followed him for years, but John’s musical career after this split remains unknown to us?!
John: “I quit the music scene for several years, after I had done some non-lasting projects. Yes, Erwin played with a number of musicians and joined REVELATION. When that stopped, he and the guitarists joined Terry and Stephan and started JANE DOE (later TERRAN) and Arnold was very successful in CIRRHA NIVA. Rick has played in a few cover/tribute bands.”

According to our information, it’s 2007 when you reform again, but with a quite different line-up. The two brothers Terry and Stephan had left the band and Arnold Kloek also disappeared. Rebecca Duin being the female singer to replace him. Why did you make the switch to a female singer?
John: “It wasn`t that we were looking for a female singer, but she did the audition and we liked the idea, as she was singing very well. So we restarted with her on vocals.”

You also added a second guitar player to the line-up in Nick Radich. Where did he come from and how did you team up with him?
John: “Nick comes from Texas U.S.A. He replied on our advertisement and did an audition.”

Is Nick Radich, the same as Johnny Deep Pockets (as he’s mentioned on the DVD)?
John: “Yes indeed, this was his nickname.... Don`t ask me why (lol).”

We also want to know a bit more about bass player Bas Dooijes. What was his musical background, before he joined JACKAL?
John: “Bas had played in THERIAC - a thrash metal band - and also in PESTILENCE.”

Why is it so difficult to have a good bass player in the band? Bas Dooijes leaves and Jeffrey Rijnsburger (who currently plays in MARTYR) steps in. He left pretty shortly after that and Adonis Richards joins the band for a couple of years and for a few years, you have Budnny Vladik on the bass guitar. Quite some changes in a short period of time.
John: “Because bass players are terrible people... Hahaha, just kidding.”

Is there any particular reason why Bas and later on Jeffrey decided to leave the band or must we blame it all on the usual musical differences?
John: “Bas left because of musical differences. Jeff could not combine it with his other band ORANGE OUTLAW, because we were practicing on the same day. He felt very sorry at the time, but he is doing a good job with MARTYR and we still see him around. Adonis also left because of musical differences.”

Vladik doesn’t really sound like a European name to me. Where do you originally come from and did you play in other bands before JACKAL?
Vladik Budnyy: “I come from the Ukraine in Russia. Here’s an overview of what I’ve done:
1. UKRAINE/ODESSA 1984 - 1988 - local band MONTE CHRISTO - music style: NWOBHM - no record has remained, neither videos, some photos and well preserved memories throughout the cities we played and they still meet me on the streets and greet after 30 years;
2. UKRAINE/ODESSA 1988 - local band GOGOL'S BALLS – music style: a bit of a glam, two videos are to be found on You Tube, the songs “Run Run” and “Tsar”;
3. HOLLAND 1999 - electronic project SPUTNIK (if relevant) first CD released as a limited edition in USA. The project runs up to now. Videos are on You Tube;
4. HOLLAND 2000 - 2001 - Amsterdam band MAF (the shitiest band I have ever played in – please note!) - The only advantage I had had was playing support for WHITESNAKE and hooking up with Don Airey....;
5. HOLLAND 2002 - 2003 Amsterdam Elvis Presley cover band ALL SHOOK UP. (playing as substitute musician). We toured all over the country;
6. HOLLAND 2004 (I guess…) - Rotterdam based band WASTELANDS - progressive metal (A very good band, World standard!) Unfortunately, they split up for the lack of motivation...We played number of gigs in Holland;
7. HOLLAND 2007-2008 - The Hague based band NO RUSH - style NWOBHM/ hard rock (a very promising band but shitty people!) – I could not get along with them personally;
8. UKRAINE/ODESSA 2010 - L.A / Odessa project AGROFENA - style hard rock – We did two performances on a local festival;
9. HOLLAND 2010- 2011 – IRON MAIDEN cover band SOMEWHERE ON STAGE – We played all over Holland, incl. England, Belgium and Germany. Got fired for unspecified reasons and out of the blue....Some videos are on You Tube;
10. UKRAINE/ ODESSA - 25 years Anniversary of local rock club with the band KRATER - Video on You Tube;
11. HOLLAND 2011 - 2013 - Amsterdam band POST MORTUM (later DOCTOR VAN LUNSEN) - style hard rock/ glam - A whole bunch of videos are on You Tube;
12. HOLLAND 2014 - MOST WANTED (cover band);
13. HOLLAND 2014 - JACKAL (needs no explanation); br> Apart from the above, I have written lyrics for the band TRASH MASHINE (album “Breaking Through The Ranks”, released in Moscow in 1999). Presently, I have been collaborating with the band OVERHEAT from Odessa in the Ukraine and writing the lyrics.”

Is there a metal scene in your home country and for how long have you been living in Holland now?
Vladik: “There definitely is, but since I have been living here for twenty-four years now, I do not really follow it. For example, when Paul Di’Anno comes on tour in Ukraine (or Blaze Bailey) they hire only Ukrainian musicians. In the neighbouring country Russia, there are world known names such as ARIA, KIPELOW and SLOT, but because of the current situation, they are not allowed to play in the Ukraine. Frankly speaking, the Ukraine is buzzing with bands and musicians.”

Let’s go back to the time, when Rebecca sang in the band. You released a live DVD from a gig in de Kade in Zaandam (12-12-2008). Was this an official release or just promo material, that you recorded instead of a CD?
John: “It was promotional material, as it was our first gig since we quit in the nineties.”

When did Rebecca leave the band and why? I always thought she was a suitable singer for JACKAL and we have seen the band several times with her behind the mike. And Erwin was a singer for TERRAN until 2012, when they even released an album called “The Road Less Travelled”. Erwin was your singer though when you supported LIZZY BORDEN in 2011, so she must’ve left some time before that, I guess?!
John: "That was in 2011 and she had some personal issues. She was and is a good singer indeed. Erwin played in both bands, until 2012 with TERRAN.”

It’s 2013, when you decide to re-release your “Cry Of The Jackal” album with some bonus tracks. Whose idea was that and which bonus tracks were added on this re-release by Pure Steel Records?
John: “It is good to have a network of people :-). Pure steel Records approached us for a re-release of the CD. It was our idea to release an LP, because we never did one in the past. The original CD came out in the era, when the CD was coming on strong. Bonus tracks are: “Dinosaur Invasion”, “Out Of Sight Out Of Mind”, “Solution”, “Dream Review” and “Enchantress”."

Very soon, you came back with a line-up, that consisted of Rick Waalewijn on drums, Vladik Budnyy on bass, Erwin Siereveld on vocals and John Bouman on guitar. John, don’t you miss a second guitar player right now? You have to do everything on your own now? I must admit, that I don’t really miss a second guitar player in your heavy sound on stage, but I guess that you’ll have to work a lot harder to create a good sound.
John: “Yes, when we find someone, who fits in, we will go for another guitar player. But we are also very happy how tight it sounds with one guitarist. But I must admit, that it`s hard work doing those parts on my own.”

We attended your show in Almere and you really blew us away. The nice thing that I recall is, that Arnold Kloek teams up with you every now and then. How is the connection with the ex-members of JACKAL right now and maybe you can give us some updates of what the ex-members are doing right now (as far as you know it (don’t forget short term members like Abby please).
John: “We are great friends with Arnold and now and then I see Terry and Stephan playing with their band. They totally support us doing what we do nowadays with JACKAL. I haven`t seen Nick, Bas nor Rebecca, but I know she plays in a band again, but I don`t know their name. Nick has done a few gigs with a cover band. I don`t know what Bas is doing right know. I don`t know what Abby is doing right now. She only worked with us on our CD and we haven`t seen each other since. Jeffrey is rockin’ with MARTYR and his own band ORANGE OUTLAW. Arnold formed a new band, called CRADLE IN ECHO and we played together at the N201 in Aalsmeer this year on March 6th.”

Where do you have your rehearsal room right now or do you still play at the old space?
John: “We still practice in Aalsmeer, like in the old days. We practiced in a bunker in IJmuiden, when Arnold was in the band, but returned to Aalsmeer shortly after he left.”

In 2014, you celebrated your 30th Anniversary party with a live show at the P60 in Amstelveen, featuring PICTURE and SKREAMER. It was such an amazing experience, especially seeing two former band members on stage as well. What are your memories about that night?
John: “Yes, it was a great night for us. The P60 is a great and beautiful venue. Everything was very well organized, but most important of all was, that so many fans turned up to celebrate it with us. It also was great, that Stephan and Arnold joined us on stage.”

How did you get in touch with opener SKREAMER?
John: “Rick had seen them playing and liked them very much, so we just asked if they were interested to play with us.”

“Swords & Tequila” was an amazing nice surprise for us. The only song we couldn’t track down in your massive back catalogue was “The Necromancer”. Is this a new song or what?
John: “The Necromancer”, “Deranged”, “Bring It On”, “Fading” and “Wasted Time” are all new songs and will be recorded this year. We are in the process of pre-recording a new CD.”

Thirty years of JACKAL passed by and it's time for a new CD. Can you give us an update on that?
John: “Lol - See the answer to this question above. Yes, we are working on it right now and there will be ten songs on it.”

What will the new material sound like, if you compare it to the material on the original “Cry Of The Jackal” album?
John: “It will contain the heavyness of the old songs. Maybe even heavier and some more progressive sounding songs and perhaps even an oldie.”

The (logo) head of the jackal is getting more vicious each time. Does that say anything about the more heavy music style of JACKAL or isn’t there any connection between the two of them?
John: “It`s like everything in life and it has to be perfect. It is very important, that we can easily be recognized as JACKAL. We don't know how it will progress. That is the beauty of it.”

If you would go on tour with any band of your choice, which band would you pick and why?
John: “Wow, that`s a difficult question, because there are so many of them. But I would say IRON MAIDEN, being my old time favorite band. I think, we sounded a bit like them together with PANTERA in the eighties.”

Do you have any interests besides playing music in a Dutch heavy metal band?
John: “I used to play fencing for a few years and other than that, I like travelling and visit museums. Rick likes science fiction movies, horror and fantasy. Erwin likes socializing and checking out bands. He's also very busy trying to combine business with music (website and digital platform for bands and DJ's).”

“De Jakhalzen” must be your favorite TV show on Dutch television. If not, what kind of movies do you watch and for which program would you stay at home to watch on television?
John: “Actually, it is. I mostly watch rock documentaries of all sorts of bands.”

Please have a look in your crystal ball to see the future plans for JACKAL?
John: “We are working and focusing on recording a new CD. We are also working on a new DVD of our reunion party in Amstelveen. And of course we love performing with great bands and friends.”

What is your favorite JACKAL song and why?
John: “For me, it would be one of the new ones and that is “Fading”, but “Into the Night” from the early days is also very nice to play live. For Rick and Erwin it is "Deranged" (one of the newer songs).”

Can you give us a short overview of the gear and instruments that you are using without getting too much into details?
John: “I have a Hughes and Kettner 2x 50 watt power-amp. Nowadays, I use a Boss GT10 effect board. I have used all kinds of effects from the traditonal Boss pedals to Rocktrone effets and so on; 2. Marshall cabinets 4x12 celestion speakers. 1 Charvel guitar, 2 Ibanez Prestige series RGT220A, 1 Gibson Les Paul Honey Burst,1 Tokai Les Paul model and a acoustic guitar Ovation Celibrity; 3. Rick plays a PEARL Export Joey Jordison Kit; 8" tom, 10" tom, 12" tom, 13" tom, 14" floor tom 16" floor tom 22" base drum 2x; 13" signature snare drum; Additional The Roland Spd-S Sampling Pad (for all the wacky noises); HiHat Sabian B8 pro 14" / Pearl stand; Ride Sabian B8 pro 20" / Pearl stand (extra Boom for splash); Splash Stagg 8" Splash Med. Regular DH-SH98; Splash Stagg 12" Splash Med. Regular SH-SM12R; Splash Sabian B8 pro10" + Stagg mini china 10" (together MAX STAX) Crash Sabian B8 pro 16" / Pearl stand; Crash Sabian B8 pro 18"; China Sabian B8 18"; Wuhan China 18"; but the Cymbals change regularly, because of hard hitting and breaking the expensive fuckers."

I bet, that there are some funny stories to tell about life on the road and JACKAL on stage. Maybe you can share one or two with us?
John: “Once we were doing a radio interview and the listeners could win a CD. I gave away the answer by mistake in the interview (lol), so it was easy for them to win it. We had a gig in (I think it was) Hillegom, when a couple in front of the stage started making out in front of us and go at it all the way (lol). At one stage back in the 80's, I (John) gave my wallet to a roadie to look after. When I got it back, it was empty and the roadie was too drunk to help out. Also a big part of the audience were very friendly all of a sudden.... Some stories are better not to be told, because like Jannick Gers from IRON MAIDEN once said, we would have to kill you!”

I guess, you also have some fond memories about supporting LIZZY BORDEN. Did you get to meet Lizzy and was this your biggest show ever or what?
John: “Playing with LIZZY BORDEN was really great! It was larger than life, guys! It was the biggest band we’ve ever supported. However, it was not the biggest crowd. The energy was great that night. Also our show with VANDERBUYST was really great!”

Do you still have any goals with JACKAL, that you would like to achieve?
John: “Mainly, we want to play live a lot, record some new stuff and having fun with each other and our fans.”

Who can we see as the musical influences of nowadays and are there any bands that you like to listen to in 2015?
John: “I like KAMELOT and VOLBEAT a lot. I really like listening to these bands. Rick mostly likes the fast and progressive stuff, like SYMPHONY X, but also ANNIHILATOR and other thrashing material. Erwin likes both, progressive bands like QUEENSRYCHE, FATES WARNING and PAIN OF SALVATION and also old school rock and metal.”

This interview is for the Holland Heavy Metal website. It is dedicated to the Dutch metal scene 1980-1990. Do you think it is important to pay respect and attention to something that has been so long ago? And with which Dutch metal band(s) did you have a good connection back in those days?
John: “I think, it`s a very good thing, because there was such a big scene with awesome bands back then. So keep the spirit alive. It is necessary to pay attention to it to keep it alive and to keep people informed. You are doing a great job! We used to play a lot with ANGUS, the Dutch legends.”

What are your favorite Dutch metal albums from those days, except your own album of course?
John: “HIGHWAY CHILE’s “Story Book Heroes”, VANDENBERG’s debut album and BODINE`s third album “Three Times Running”.
Rick: “also HIGHWAY CHILE, but then the first album of BODINE”.

What do you think of the metal scene in Holland and do you think there is enough attention for the Dutch metal scene to play in the clubs?
John: “The sad thing is, that a lot of clubs cannot survive and had to close down the last couple of years. There should be more attention and money supplied by the government, so kids (and we as well) can go and see live bands much more.”

Would you encourage your children to do something in the music scene or do they have to stay away from it as far as they can?
John: “My son tried to play guitar, but ended up playing synthesizer and is actually very good at it. My daughter talks about picking up playing the guitar. I encourage it, but they have to decide themselves what makes them happy”.
Erwin: “My youngest daughter is singing as well. She takes professional courses.”

Please provide us with the latest news update from the JACKAL camp? Give us some hot news!
John: “We just started to record guide tracks for the drummer. We will be recording the long awaited CD and of course the DVD of our reunion party at P60 in Amstelveen.”

Do you have any messages to the JACKAL fans out there?
John: “That the band is lucky to have such loyal fans! And we want to let them know, that this is the reason we are still doing this after all this time. Live for today, because there might not be a tomorrow. And party like there is no tomorrow :-).”

The last words in this interview are for Vladik, Rick, Erwin and John…
“First of all, a big thank you to Toine and Rita van Poorten for this interview and giving us the chance to reach more fans. And for all the kind reviews in earlier interviews. And of course to the best fans in the world and heavy metal maniacs all over the world. Yeah!”

Interview by: Toine van Poorten, exclusively for Holland Heavy Metal / November 2015.

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