Hail Dutch metal fans!

It has been a while, since you could find information about your favorite Dutch metal band on the well-known Holland Heavy Metal website. This website contains a lot of interesting facts about the Dutch heavy metal scene in general and the bands that existed in the period of 1980 Ė 1990. The information stream never really stopped, but due to unforeseen circumstances it never got published on the website. In my eyes, this felt like a big loss, but we were too busy back then with Metal Maidens, Headache and Fury Magazine/Fury Rocks, to take any actions. Recently, these magazines have all kicked the bucket, except for Metal Maidens, which is still going strong, and itís time for us to start up a new project.

We have the privilege to let you know, that we will resurrect the www.hollandheavymetal.com website. Obviously, Stefan van Zijl and I contributed a lot for the Holland Heavy Metal website in the past and I didnít want to restart it without his permission, which I got a few weeks ago. I am aware of the fact, that we canít do it without the help of Stefan, because he knows everything about the Dutch metal scene from that period of time. But Stefan gave us green light to take the well-known Holland Heavy Metal website to a next level. I realize, that I canít do this all on my own. I am not an expert in the Dutch metal scene myself. Thatís why I ask everybody to provide us with information about certain bands to help us doing a good job. If you are a former member, an ex-roadie, the mother-in-law of the drummer or you are simply a huge fan and you know all the ins and outs of a particular band, donít hesitate and drop us a line (or two) here: Email

This website will provide an online encyclopedia about Dutch heavy metal bands from 1980-1990. Everything is welcome! Not only your expertise counts, but we are also very glad with old pictures, flyers, line-up information, etc. etc. Of course we also support Dutch bands like WITHIN TEMPTATION, EPICA or PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, but every other metal-minded website already writes about these successful bands. We will only focus on the aforementioned period of time, like the former website did as well.

The Dutch heavy metal scene from those days is still very much alive and kicking and so we will update on a regular basis with all possible news about bands, that still exist in 2011. DARK WIZARD will play at the Keep It True Festival in 2012, GILGAMESJ is working on new material for a new album, MARTYR is playing live on a regular base all over Europe, EMERALD is working on a new album and just played at the famous Muskelrock Festival, PICTURE is working on a new album, VORTEX will release their latest album on vinyl, VANDENBERG has reformed and just released a new single, called ďA Number OneĒ (an anthem for FC Twente), FRANKENSTEIN released a new DVD and played a brilliant reunion gig in 2010, ELISE did a reunion gigÖÖÖÖ Need I go on???

All information about those bands (and more) can be obtained on this website from now on. Dutch heavy metal ainít dead yet. In fact, it's very much alive as you can see. Letís make this work, because Dutch heavy metal simply deserves a gathering place for all their devoted fans. We might also include old school sounding bands like VANDERBUYST, DIAMOND DREAMER or POWERVICE, but our main purpose is to inform you about the 1980-1990 era, when metal was still divided in two categories, one being hard rock and the other one heavy metal. Letís make this a simple and easy flashback to that period of time. Enjoy the world of hard rock and heavy metal in Holland.

Please note, that this site will be having regular updates and it's constantly growing. It will never be complete because of the limited time I can put in, but it will be so much more than what we had when we started. Want to witness what we have now? Simply log in to our site or go to our facebook address to meet with us. Dutch heavy metal ainít dead yet, and the world has got to know.

Last but not least, I would like to dedicate this website to Hanneke Kappen, Alfred Lagarde (R.I.P.) and Kees Baars. They introduced the hardrock and heavy metal scene in the late seventies/early eighties with their radio shows ("Stampij", "Betonuur" and "Countdown Cafe") and teached me and many other Dutchies the passion for this particular style in music. Thanks for that! Without you, I would still be lost in metal land!!! (if there was any).

Metal Forever,

Toine van Poorten.

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[Updated: August 24, 2011]