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OVERLORDE-Awaken The Fury (No Remorse records)
OVERLORDE is one the most powerful true metal bands from New Jersey, USA. They stand for high quality epic heavy metal and some really exciting live shows. Well, at least that’s what I still remember from their appearance at the Keep It True festival in 2005, an incredible nineteen years ago now. Their debut EP from 1987 is a much sought-after collectors' item. In the year 2004, they released the album "Return Of The Snow Giant" with Bobby 'Leatherlungs' Lucas on vocals, who is now fronting ATTACKER. This brand new album is the successor to this release, twenty years after they catapulted their debut album at us. Finally, the wait is over and the band still knows to impress me with its immense power and energy, that they put into their sound. The album contains ten tracks, worthy of almost a full hour of amazing heavy metal. On the album sleeve, you will see some warriors mixed up in a bloody fight. There is a war going on and I guess that's reality when watching the news at present-day. A small detail you can't help noticing is the color of the flags and the shields. Yellow and blue are the colors of the Ukrainian army for sure. The musical fury rages on and I also hear several musical influences on this powerful album. The drum beats in title track "Awaken The Fury" and CD opener sound inhuman and extremely fast. It definitely refers to the incredible drum salvos in "Painkiller" of JUDAS PRIEST. If you're not a PRIEST fan (I can't imagine that at all), it will still beat the crap out of you and awaken the fury in every devoted metal head. War machines fly over in "Fire In The Sky", which is a furious and massive basher. The epic vocals even reminded me of the mighty MANILLA ROAD at times. This reference will be repeated several times and singer George Tsalikis can take that as a compliment. And there's more where that came from. In "The Madness Within", the band takes the term 'epic' a step further than just writing a song about some warriors and knights fighting a war. The spoken word part, the speed changes, this song really breathes that epic feeling, which made a band like MANILLA ROAD extremely popular in the underground metal scene. The soft instrumentation of Mark "M.E." Edwards and John 'Kong' Bunucci, guided by the final spoken word parts, sound really amazing and it gives me the shivers all over. "Battle At Marathon" is built upon a LED ZEPPELIN type of riff, however OVERLORDE take it to the year 2024 and give it their own signature. Clearly, this song ends up in victory. It's a winning formula and it sounds like pure magic to me. "Destroy Us All" on the other hand sounds powerful, like it is meant to be. Just listen to the ominous drum beats announcing that something terrible is about to happen. The instrumental parts are mind-blowing heavy and the guitar solos of Edwards are really amazing and sharp as a dagger. For sure, you can add this guy to your list of favorite guitar players after listening to this album. No one can survive an ear attack like that. "Gargoyles" is epic to the max, which is written all over. It starts off slowly and dark. When the tension is finally broken, a hard hitting MANOWAR type of warrior song is rising from the battlefields. You can almost smell the smoke from the burning hot artillery fire there. All what is left behind after a bloody war is nothing but "Ashes" and that's what the next song is about. The spirit of the mighty MANILLA ROAD is also present again. A name like JAG PANZER also comes to mind here to express how amazingly heavy this song is. Especially in the vocals of George, I hear the vocal expressions, that Mark 'The Shark' Shelton always carried out. Also pay some special attention to the thundering drum beats of George Janeira, who must have muscles of steel to keep on pounding like that. George Tsalikis is well known for his vocal renditions in ZANDELLE and GOTHIC KNIGHTS. Obviously, he has a lot of experience in the US metal scene and in OVERLORDE shows his skills to the max. While "Hammer Strike" contains more impressive vocal pull outs of George, we've reached the last but one. Clearly, the album keeps its strength and power and "Paranoid Delusions" will blow your mind away, again. The constant high quality remains throughout the whole album and comes to a final chord with the PRIEST type of song, called "Migraine". One more time the strings are pulled firmly, the drum beats are pounding heavy and the epic metal sound will fill your room. Fans of MANOWAR, PRIEST, MANILLA ROAD, JAG PANZER and true power metal in general will push the 'repeat' button again. This is the incredible return of OVERLORDE, that created a king size sound for their warrior hymns. No doubt they can reproduce this heavy sound on stage as well. Forget about the wannabees, this is the real deal pressed on a silver disc and vinyl record. I raise my sword to OVERLORDE and prepare myself to go to the battlefield with these guys. OVERLORDE is: Mark "M.E." Edwards- flying V and backing vocals, John 'Kong' Bunucci- bass and backing vocals, George Tsalikis- lead and backing vocals and George Janeira- drums and backing vocals. For more info, go to: or
(8,8/10- Toine van Poorten)

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