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THE DEEP-Watching You (independent)
I remember seeing THE DEEP many times. The band consists of former members of DEEP MACHINE that performed live at the Dynamo in Eindhoven in the mid-eighties. After the release of their full-length album "Premonition", it became rather quiet around the band and now they're back with a vengeance. This eight track single is called an EP, although it's more like a second full-length CD because the songs are worthy of over forty minutes of brilliant NWOBHM. Just take a bite at the ballsy and catchy opener "Prepare To Rock". Obviously, the band proves that they still rock at full force. I bet, you will sing along to the chorus after hearing it for the first time. This song grabs you by the balls right away and turns back the time to the good ol' heydays of the NWOBHM. The harmony vocals work just fine and the guitar solo will most likely give you the chills. After all, the two guitarists are well armed and forever looking for a chance to fire their solos at you. The next song "Dead Man Walking" has got the same power. Just have a listen to that magnificent voice of front man Tony Coldham, who was one of the original members of DEEP MACHINE that I was talking about earlier. He was also part of TYTAN for a short while and I'm so glad that we saw them in Kortrijk, Belgium a couple of years ago. He did two shows there, one with THE DEEP and one with TYTAN and both were just incredible. The guitar work on "Dead Man Walking" is really breathtaking. Check out the amazing guitar solo here, which will make you bang your head even harder. By the way, the first two tracks are recorded with Alan Mogg on drums, while the second two studio tracks have Fraser Powell on drums. Just to set the record straight. Title track "Watching You" brings some rest after that overwhelming and dynamic start. The other ingredients are the same. The song is very catchy and it has some incredible guitar licks. The eyes on the sleeve are looking at me, as if they see what I'm writing. I'd better be positive, as they probably know where I'm living, too. There is also a slightly creepy feeling in this song, like ALICE COOPER does it, who is the master of creating a horror type of atmosphere. In "Taking Over", the band steps on the gas again. And although the NWOBHM era is far behind us, many bands are still there and they keep on playing that particular heavy metal sound of these glory years in the British music history. I think that if the band had released these four songs in the early eighties, they would definitely have received a lot of amazing reviews. They stay very close to the sound that was presented back in those days and that's exactly the way I like it. They don't care about innovation or any commercial bullshit and they just stay true to that amazing original NWOBHM sound of the 1980s. These four songs are a throwback in time and a must to every devoted NWOBHM fan. However, this is only just the beginning because the EP contains four more songs. These are four live tracks recorded at the British Steel Festival in Fismes, France in 2016. I hear some air raids go off. Something is about to happen here. This is your final warning! Hide in your shelters!! There is no escape!! THE DEEP is in the house and they are going to take you by storm. I love it, when songs are starting this way. You know that something special is about to happen. And there is, I can tell you that much. The sound quality of the four live tracks is really superb and above all, it sounds very powerful. The band starts off with "Premonition". What a freaking and amazing song that is. Guitar solos keep coming. Mick Feleppa and Paul Smith are the guitar wizards here, who share equal leads, which is topped by that powerful voice of Tony Coldham. This sounds like NWOBHM at its very best to me. "The Rider" is on next and this is my personal favorite track of the "Premonition" album. It has got a very catchy hook and again you can easily sing along to the chorus, if you want to and who doesn't? "All I Want" is also made to sing along to with the catchy chorus parts. The good vibe of a live band is being captured here very well and you almost can feel that you're among the audience, when you listen to these recordings. The EP closes with a live rendition of "Night-Stalker", which is another song on my list of favorites from the "Premonition" album. One more time, you can sing along to it on top of your voice. The speed change in the middle is really great. The two guitar players are standing in the spotlight once again. What a treat for all the fans of this band. Four brand new tracks, four amazing live songs and two spooky eyes staring at you. The "Watching You" EP is more than you would expect. It's the power of the live tracks that really blew me away, but it's also the strength of the four new studio tracks that keeps me going until the next full-length album by THE DEEP. This will be without guitar player Mick Feleppa, who sadly enough left the band. They are still searching for a suitable replacement. But how can you replace a brilliant guitar player like Mick? I hope that they will, because this band is simply too good to die young. Good luck to Mick and thank you very much for these magical guitar moments on this eight tracker. Buy or feel sorry for the rest of your live. THE DEEP are Tony Coldham on vocals, Mick Feleppa on guitar, Paul Smith on guitar, Phil Reeve on bass and Alan Mogg on drums. Go to: or for all the latest information about this incredible band.
(8,9/10- Toine van Poorten)

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