* April 13, 2013 *

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

De Meester, Almere, The Netherlands

POWERPIMPS, SEVENTH SEAL and BLACK KNIGHT are on the bill of tonight’s metal party in Almere. All the more reason to make another trip to Flevoland. POWERPIMPS kick off tonight and this band from the surroundings of Rotterdam are the Dutch equivalent to bands like MOTLEY CRUE, WASP, STEEL PANTHER and our own Dutch pride SLEEZE BEEZ. Sex, drugs and rock & roll is what you get and a whole lot of dirty talk to make sure, that you’ll have to take these guys seriously. POWERPIMPS consists of Chriz Ferrano on bass, Des Barrett on drums, Dennis Hairball on lead guitar and last but definitely not least Lace Guerrero on lead vocals and guitar. This bald rocker is bold as brass and kicks ass the whole time. Nobody can escape this front man, who moves like Blackie Lawless mixed with Paul Stanley. He is wearing the perfect outfit for a picture moment, because he looks very colorful indeed in his VIXEN shirt. So far so good, but what about the music by these sleazy rockers? After opener “Down Boys”, they “Burn The House Down” in no time. Sleazy, dirty, rawking music unfolds itself and the band is ready to give a full hundred percent. Songs like “Stretch Yours!” and “Mr Hyde” have got the right vibe and the public seems to have a good time too. Sometimes the introduction between the songs are a bit explicit, but hey we’re all mature people and this is rock and roll. With “Girlschool Of Hard Knocks” and “Man Machine” they continue their set and POWERPIMPS really convince me with their ‘in your face’ attitude. The heavy metal maniacs are invited on the stage, which you don’t have to tell them twice. They love to have a party with their favorite bands. Later on in the set, when the band takes over the stage again, they have nothing more to wish for. When a lady opens her legs, you don’t want to wrestle with ZZ TOP. Quite a revelation, if you’d ask my honest opinion. Otherwise you can’t be their “Goddess Of Love”. And you must have an “Ass To Die For” because they want to “Fuck Her From Behind”. This is how explicit it can be on stage, while listening to POWERPIMPS. If you don’t need all this, you can turn around and get the f*ck out of here, that’s the message. The band closes their set with “White Dragon”. Their no nonsense attitude grabs you by the balls and they won’t let go, until you like it. For all the true survivors, the band plays “Breaking The Law” by JUDAS PRIEST as an encore. What more you can ask for? For all the maniacs, it’s time to invade the stage once again. POWERPIMPS prove, that there is still room for dirty, glam and sleaze rock in Holland as well. A great opener for a long night of Dutch heavy metal.

SEVENTH SEAL is on next and they are the main reason why we are here tonight. The band breathes the true metal feeling and captures a whole lot of experience. You always have to guess, if they are able to capture this live on stage as well, but we will find out pretty soon, I think. Let’s first introduce these hard working lads to you and give you an idea of what to expect. SEVENTH SEAL consists of John Hookwater on lead guitar, who previously played in RANDOM, SHEBANG and REBEL YELL. The other guitar player in the band is called Machiel Kommer. The drummer is Walter Beijen, who also played in RENEGADE and recently in GILGAMESJ (now being replaced by Jacques van Oevelen). On vocals, we have Adrian van Score, who played in RANDOM, SPOILER, SHEBANG, the DEEP PURPLE tribute band STORMBRINGER and he even replaced Bert Heerink in VANDENBERG for a short time. Quite an impressive CV in my opinion. Closing the ranks is bass player Paul Donkersloot, who played the four string in PRINCESS, BUTTERFLY PIE and BEHIND THE SMILE. The whole Dutch metal scene from the eighties seems to be represented here tonight in five band members. However, this can’t prevent them from having serious difficulties with the sound equipment of guitarist Machiel. For a moment it even looks like they have to cancel this gig, but after some scary moments, help comes from the guys of BLACK KNIGHT who lend them some equipment. Now the chains are on and the band can restart their set after some serious delay. From the first notes on though, I am in heaven when the true metal sound stretches out in De Meester. “Hellchild”, “Warriors” and “When The Hammer Falls” shows us a band, that enjoys to rock and they simply want to see people break their neck, while banging it up and down. The sword of Damocles has fallen already though and many metal heads have found their way to the bar and don’t have the patience of waiting fifteen minutes before the problems have been fixed. Those, who stayed behind, were being treated like kings with smashing versions of “Baptized By Fire”, “Rising” and “Eyes Of A Stranger”. The problems seem to be solved and Machiel makes my jaw drop to the floor with his amazing guitar playing. “Destination Unknown” is on next, while “Live For The King” sounds very much inspired by “Temple Of The King” by RAINBOW. Other influences come from bands like SAXON, IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST. This is the stuff, that I want to hear, nothing more and nothing less. “No Fly Zone” and “Watching In Silence” follow and after a green light is given, the band continues with “The Chosen One” and “Firedance” and finishes their complete set, despite the long delay at the beginning. Somehow, they even impressed the alcohol consumers, because towards the end of their show, the hall is filled pretty well. Obviously, SEVENTH SEAL doesn’t leave without doing an encore, which will be “Like A Razor”. These guys sure know how to play a great old school rock show, so much is sure. They receive both thumbs up from me, but because I only have got two, otherwise they would have received three. SEVENTH SEAL is heavy metal pur sang and they are the perfect warming up for headliners BLACK KNIGHT, the other main reason to come to Almere today.

BLACK KNIGHT has just released a three DVD set, called “25 Years Of Heavy Metal” and during their years of existence, they proved to be one of the premier league bands in Holland. Tonight it’s time to take Almere by storm. This won’t be an easy task with so many true metal heads in front of the stage, but I guess they will do the trick pretty easily. BLACK KNIGHT has known many line-up changes throughout the years, but the band has got a very stable line up now with Ron Haikens on bass, Gert Jan Vis on guitar, Jelle Boersma on guitar, Pieter Bas Borger on vocals and three-legged skin beater Rudo Plooy on drums. “Story Of The Day”, “Beware Of The Blind”, “Excavated” and “Let The Hammer Fall” are a very flashing start. The band has got a very clear sound and the twin guitar attacks by Gert Jan and Jelle are really amazing! The band continues with one of my favorite BLACK KNIGHT tunes, “Irish Boy”. It contains the structure and the riffs used in “To Be Demon” by LOUDNESS, but who cares about these minor details? We came to be rocked and that’s what these knights will do. “Pay For Black Knight” and “Profound” are on next and then it’s time to go bezerk for a moment. When they start playing “Hellion / Electric Eye”, the hall changes into a true swarm of metal heads going out of their freaking mind. No matter how good a band plays their own songs, when they do a cover song like that into their set, everybody goes nutz and loses their mind. “Warrior” and “Rival” grabs back to their old material again. It might be a shame that the band doesn’t do the sword fighting thing on stage anymore, but their stout poses look very true indeed. With “Public Enema No. 1” and “A Tale From The Darkside”, we have slowly arrived at the grand finale of tonight’s set. The final punch on the nose, so to speak, where a knock out usually follows. I already mentioned that covers easily do the trick to get some action in front of the stage. The band closes with “Power And The Glory” by SAXON, followed by “Running In The Dust” of PRIMAL FEAR. I think, that Ralf Scheepers is one of the main influences of Pieter Bas and the moves by these two are very much alike. Besides, Pieter Bas could scream Ralf right off the stage, if he wants to. Old and new metal tunes are played side by side now and the last punch is for FLEETWOOD MAC’s “Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)”. Of course, many metal heads will know the version by JUDAS PRIEST the best, from the legendary “Unleashed In The East” live album of the metal gods. It simply can’t be over after this and although people asked very nicely for an encore, the band is eager enough to spread more mayhem over Almere than this. The biggest surprise is, when the knights explode in a raunchy version of KINGDOM COME’s “Do You Like It”. Yes, I liked it very much, because songs like that are the cherries on the cake for me. And another very cool surprise comes right after that, when the band does a great version of “Metal Thrashing Mad” by ANTHRAX. But by then, I am truly convinced already. BLACK KNIGHT turned out the light tonight!!

For a short moment we waited for the members of SEVENTH SEAL and had a short chat. Paul Donkersloot told us, that he would be visiting the record fair in Utrecht the next day. We would definitely see him there again, because we were going as well. Just like myself, Paul is a huge collector of NWOBHM stuff and it has been a very long time since I did have a good metal chat at a very high level. Paul really knows his facts, that’s for sure. I guess, that we just became friends for life with one of the most friendly and passionate bass players around. Rock will never die and at nights like this it looks like time has stood still for a moment and you feel like being eighteen again. But the next morning…….. By the way, we went to Utrecht and spoke to Paul, who really had an excellent night in Almere. His plastic bag was filled with many treasures on VINYL. Life can be beautiful at times like this. Thanks go out to Hans for another great edition of this heavy metal event. Hopefully we’ll be back here soon.

*Written by: Toine van Poorten/May 2013
*Photos by: Rita van Poorten/

Intro / Down Boys
Burn The House Down
Stretch Yours !
Mr. Hyde
Girlschool Of Hard Knocks
Man Machine
Goddess Of Love
Ass To Die For
Fuck Her From Behind
White Dragon
\ Encore:
Breaking The Law (JUDAS PRIEST cover)

When The Hammer Falls
Baptized By Fire
Eyes Of A Stranger
Destination Unknown
Live For The King >br> No Fly Zone
Watching In Silence The Chosen One
Like A Razor

Story Of The Day
Beware Of The Blind
Let The Hammer Fall
Irish Boy
Pay For Black Knight
Hellion / Electric Eye (JUDAS PRIEST cover)
Public Enemy No.1 (IRON MAIDEN cover)
A Tale From The Darkside
Power And The Glory (SAXON cover)
Running In The Dust (PRIMAL FEAR cover)
Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (JUDAS PRIEST cover)
Do You Like It (KINGDOM COME cover)
Metal Trashing Mad (ANTHRAX cover)

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